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I just tried to post and got this:

Request Too Large

The "POST" request is too large for the internal work buffer:
The internal work buffer size is 2000 bytes.
The "POST" request size is 3231 bytes.

How the Hell am I supposed to write anything useful in 2000 bytes?  This ain't goddam Twitter!
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Much fuss has been made lately of the contraception fiasco, especially the statement by Republicans that contraception is not a big issue for women.  But if that were true, why doesn't the issue go away?  Why does it continue to dominate women's thinking and actions in a way that no other political issue has come close?

For women, contraception is like oxygen.  In our day to day lives we don't think about it much.  How often do you think about the air you breath?  How many millions of breaths do you take without thinking, expecting the oxygen to be there for you when you need it, one thoughtless inhalation after another?  The oxygen is there doing it's job, allowing you to focus on your life.

Contraception is like oxygen for women.  As long as it's there it allows us to focus on our lives.  Whether that focus is currently on furthering our education, our careers, figuring out what we want to do about an aspect of our lives, or on the child or children we already have, contraception gives us room to breath.

And just like the air we breath, contraception is not something women focus on all that often.  We don't want to focus on it.  We don't see why we should have to focus on it.  It should be there in the background so we can make other things a priority.

But what happens when something threatens your air supply?  Suddenly nothing is more important than drawing that next breath.  Nothing focuses a person's attention so swiftly and thoroughly as not being able to breathe.  Panic sets in, followed by an adrenaline surge.  Nothing is more important than removing the obstacle which threatens your breathing.  And nothing makes you angrier than the possibility that someone took away your ability to breathe deliberately.

That is the kind of reaction a threat to contraception sets off in modern women (and smarter men).  And that is why women won't stop until the threat is ended, and until they can once again breathe freely and get on with the rest of their lives.
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This is a sequel to my post yesterday and to this post on noscans  If you're not up on the latest attempt to make Wonder Woman "edgy" read them first.  I say "edgy" and not "realistic" because I'm about to discuss why it doesn't work.

Cut for sexist male writers failing High School Biology. )
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For those of you living under a rock or working for DC Comics, Wonder Woman is a superhero invented by a psychologist to help women and girls feel good about being women and girls.  That is her prime directive.

Anything that makes women and girls not feel good about being women and girls does not belong in a Wonder Woman comic.  Simple, no?

Even with literally dozens of misogyny articles appearing every day, this crap came the closest to making me want to throw up.
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You know something is wrong when you're up in the middle of the night browsing fanfic and your main qualification is "something less sleazy than this week's legislative headlines".

Can we please keep the pornography in the bedroom where it belongs and not in political bills that inspire headlines like Arizona Lawmaker Wants Women to Watch an Abortion Being Performed Before Having One?  I'm tired of political headlines that squick me.  Why the Hell are these people trying to pass legislation whose language deserves an NC-17 rating?*

*Yeah, I know they hate women.  Still.  If they tried to pass laws that discriminated against people that vigorously on racial grounds their asses would be toast.
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There is only one place in government where sick perverts who force doctors to rape their pregnant patients should be, and that's under the federal penitentiary.
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Ric Santorum doesn't believe birth control should be used under any circumstances, even to prevent the death of the mother (except when it's his wife).  Contrast his attitude with that of conservative Muslim clerics in one of the world's poorest and least educated countries, Senegal.

Guardian UK:

On the poor outskirts of Dakar, Senegal, we sat before six imams in an airy mosque. They are holy men, respected community leaders, and, lately, birth control champions. "Family spacing," they called it, as they cheerfully explained why Islam supports it. "What's good for a woman is good for her family, and for her society. We want healthy societies."

Voice of America:

...more and more, families are seeking contraception to space or limit births despite the associated taboos in the country, which is more than 90 percent Muslim.

"Some people say Islam is against family planning, but life is getting more and more difficult," said Mamy Diop.

Historically, the only acceptable application of family planning has been birth spacing for the health of the mother and the child.  But religious leaders increasingly are invoking the Quran's message of financial responsibility.

"Islam has discussed this," said Imam Niasse. "If resources are limited and the family size is too large, there will be problems for the family.  We are already living a situation of scarcity and we should talk openly.  We have many children here, but what kind of children do we have?"

'nuff said.
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Yesterday while talking in the comments of the previous post about linguistic differences between Republicans and Democrats I received a bizarre email that's so deep into Republican-speak I can't make heads or tails of it; and I'm 45 years old, born just one year past the end of Baby Boom.  To me it looks like there's so many false assumptions here it's hard to know where to start on it (Who under 50 can afford to live in a big fancy house?) but apparently it resonated with the person who sent it on.  All I can tell is that there's a boatload of resentment present, and a lot of, "You damn kids get off my lawn!"  Oh, and apparently they kinda forgot to give their own children a decent education along the way.  They acknowledge that, then turn around and blame the kids.

Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to be saying?

Welcome to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party )
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1998 -- We're living in Okolona, Mississippi, at the center of the US particle-board furniture industry, surrounded by furniture factories.  Chickasaw County has the third-highest employment rate in the state.  Work is booming.  All the parents of the students at the public high school where my husband works who want jobs have them.  The better students also all have jobs.  The teens always have money in their pockets for snacks, and all wear designer clothing.

2008 -- The factories have almost all moved to China.  Chickasaw County now has the third-highest unemployment rate in the state.  The adults are now working the minimum-wage stocking and fast food jobs their teenage children used to work.  None of the teenagers can find a job.  None of them have money in their pockets.  Most of them only eat during the week when they're at school.  They wear shorts, windbreakers, and flip-flops in the dead of winter.  The girls wear short skirts not as a fashion statement, but because they've outgrown their old ones and can't afford new ones.

My husband notices one girl frantically combing her pockets and purse for change.  The Food Stamps and the food have all run out at her house.  The rest of her family is staying with relatives who still have food, leaving her behind so she can eat at the school.  She's looking for enough change to buy a bag of flour and a can of fish so she can go home and cook herself biscuits and fish for supper.  She dreams of finding enough money to be able to afford a dozen eggs as well.

2011 --  The jobs are gone.  The young people crowd into colleges and community colleges, hoping to get the certificates that will land them jobs elsewhere.  My husband is teaching them.  Last week a sophomore told him he would be gone over the weekend.  The boy had to go home and kill some squirrels so his family would have something to eat through the week.

What do I think of Occupy Wall Street?  I think it's about goddamn time people started getting angry and doing something.
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A well-dressed woman introduced herself the other day, gave me a card and a pen, asked me to vote for her in the upcoming county election, and immediately began backing away.

"Thank you!  We can always use pens.  But what will you do if elected?"

"Oh!"  The woman stopped dead in her tracks.  "Well -- I'm going to run government like a business.  That's what we need!  My husband and I run a business in the next town.  We took over my parent's sales business when they retired.  Do you know where so-and-so is?  That's our business."

"Oh," I nodded.  The place she mentioned appeared from the road to have been closed down for several years.  "What would you say our biggest problem is?"

"It's that we don't run government like a business."

"What about unemployment in the county?"  The county's unemployment rate is around 14%.

"That's because we don't run government like a business.  But I will look into that if elected."

"Do you know about the weekly anti-poverty meetings?  My husband has been going to them."

"You mean so-and-so's group?  I've heard about them.  If they come up with any good ideas I'll look into them."  She leaned in closer to me.  "But you're new to the area.  I've been in people's houses around here.  You can tell some of them aren't really poor, they've just made bad choices."

I refrained from commenting on relative values (would my books count as 'bad choices'?) or asking her what she would do to educate people on how to make better choices.  Or if she would do something useful and bring in more jobs.

I realize the term "running government like a business" became a meaningless catch-phrase almost 30 years ago but let's look at one of the more annoying false assumptions behind it.  Implicit in the conceit is the idea that every businessperson is in such a cut-throat competative  environment that in order to survive they must be good at their job.  Hah!  Maybe in Silicon Valley or Wall Street, but not around here.  In the sluggish economy of small-town America, many businesses survive based on good fortune, a combination of luck, inherited capital, and the occassional act of collusion.  Let's look at some real-life examples of businesses whose business experience makes their owners supposedly the best qualified to run our governement.
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The montone Doctor Who Season 5b has me not watching.  The Marvel Schism/Fear/Whatever (Are there really three different crossover events running simutaneously in the same MU now?) has me bummed out on comics.  The DCNU has me actively repulsed.  Torchwood -- let's just not go there.  I find myself passing on reading comics and fandom in favor of reading fall planting guides and washing machine reviews.  Seriously Big Entertainment People, when the reviews of your latest products don't sound half as exciting as the Speed Queen reviews, you are quite obviously DOING SOMETHING HELLACIOUSLY WRONG!

Stop it.  Right now.  Put out something good for Pete's sake!


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