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Q:  What do you get when you cross a bad horror movie with a bad Classic Trek plot device?

A:  Why would anyone want to know?

I feel so sorry for Capaldi, this must be a nightmare for him.  As for Gattis and Moffet, four words:  Don't they look tired?
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Well, that was irksome.  In addition to the other numerous problems with the script, no Isis metaphor has a chance of working if it doesn't capture the petulant outraged entitlement of the majority of the recruits.  "It's not fair" doesn't come close.  Capaldi, Coleman, and the other actors did their best with onion-skin material.
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Sorry folks, it's been a busy week and I never found the time to post this first one.

The Doctor's Wife

*big goofy grin*

Called it.  *checks date*  Almost four years ago to the day I posted a fanfic about the TARDIS being a communication-impaired Goddess who stole away with a Time Lord.  Not that I'm saying Neil Gaiman stole the idea from me, or even that no one else had had it beforehand.  Some ideas are simply too beautiful not to be true.  It was wonderful to see what an expert writer could do with the notion.

Lovely story.  Bittersweet, in the way that most NuWho has been.  More sweet that bitter, in the way that most Moffet-Who has been.  One could play a great game of "spot the Classic Who and Big Finish references" with this episode, and I'm sure someone else has already posted that.   I loved the way the Doctor and the TARDIS bickered like an old married couple.

And yes Rory, of course the Doctor has a room.  But it's lonely there, and sometimes fills up with ghosts.  It's much nicer to stay in her room.

The Rebel Flesh

Last night we watched Men in Black, a very clever ripoff of a whole bunch of earlier works.  It's like The Rebel Flesh only not, because while The Rebel Flesh also rips off a whole bunch of earlier works it's not the least bit clever.

For starters there's a helluva lot of Star Trek in this episode.  The structure is the same one used for most of the C-level plots from Star Trek Classic:  there's a threat to the dilithium crystals TARDIS that is coincidentally concurrent with one or more otherwise minor problems that the crew have to attend to nearby blowing the danger level all out of proportion because the writer couldn't be arsed to come up with a decent storyline.  The antagonists look exactly like and have similar abilities to  the sheriff from Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine;  Odo, was that his name?  And then there's the whole, "The monster isn't really a monster; it's just that some stupid humans are where they are not supposed to be, doing something they shouldn't be doing without either finding out what's really going on or obtaining permission" trope that was first done and best done in Star Trek's genuine classic episode The Devil in the Dark.  (Seriously you need to watch that one even if you never watch another episode in your life.  It's one of two Star Trek Classic episodes that out-Doctor Who Doctor Who.)

The WTF-ness of this episode reaches epic proportions.  How come mere solar flares were able to upset the TARDIS?  What was that acid they were mining?  Why didn't the Doctor tell them, "That's a Sontaran clone tank; the creatures that come out of it are sentient, sapient, and intelligent."?  There were some nice character moments and the acting was top-notch, but there's no excuse for doing a plot like this in 2011.  It's understandable to tell a bad story while trying something new, but telling a bad story that follows a  45 year old formula for bad stories is asking to be mocked.
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Disclosure time:  I don't have a piracy kink.  I used to have one, as I was reared on a steady diet of Errol Flynn movies, bodice rippers, and Hornblower novels.  Then my fic brain got interested in the minutia of sea life and I discovered that sailing was like sausage making:  best viewed from a distance. But speaking as someone who went through Piracy Kink Rehab and married someone who never had a piracy kink, we loved this episode.  Not one of the all-time greats, not without its plot holes, but a very enjoyable (and sometime quite scary) 45 minutes.

Of course it got the CPR wrong.  Of course there's no explanation of how the kid found his Dad's ship.  Of course a ship full of gunky stuff like tar, pitch, and general grime would have to ditch it's reflective surfaces instead of simply dirtying them.  I can't respect them for getting those aspects wrong but the rest of the show was quite good, for all that it looked like The Empty Child meets Star Trek Voyager.  But folks, just a little more effort and you could have taken this story to the next level.
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60s haunted house movies + 90s alien conspiracy paranoia + a TARDIS = made of Win.

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This isn't going to be one of my long essays yet.  I have to wait for until I find all the pieces of my exploded brain for that.

Clearly someone told Moffet he couldn't possibly top what he had already done.

Clearly he took that as a challenge.


But for the benefit of those fans worrying over the ending...

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Sorry to be late, we all came down sick for Easter. I actually looked forward to this episode, which I haven't done anything from BBC Wales since Torchwood: Children of Earth (including, through no fault of its own, Merlin S2).

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