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Hello again, here's the second installment of Shatterstar in X-Factor.  Shatterstar was a gay teenage superhero-entertainer created by Marvel in the 1990s who recently got brought back with a Barrowman/"Captain Jack"-based makeover, that was believable given the character's history and that's proven highly popular with the fans.  I covered his return and reunion with his old boyfriend Julio Richter here.  This is what the guys have been up to since then, including their first argument serious discussion.


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This is for comic book fans and John Barrowman fans.  Last year Marvel revived a superhero who hadn't been seen in a decade with a new look.  (Which was long overdue, as he'd been a teenager the last time anyone saw him.)  It wasn't long before I and other fans began noticing that as part of his new look he had John Barrowman's onstage body language.  We heard that the writer, Peter David, spoke to JB at a con before bringing Shatterstar back. Later the writer said in an interview that he was using Captain Jack's personality as a template.

The superhero, Shatterstar, had been part of an implied homosexual relationship in the 90s.  At that time Marvel's policy was to lay a lot of groundwork before "outing" a gay character so that no one could claim the character was "just a token gay stereotype", but it also meant that if the title changed writers before the "outing" and the new writer didn't want to  write gays some characters got stuck in the closet for years.  This is what happened to Shatterstar and his boyfriend Rictor. Peter David immediately brought Shatterstar out with an on-panel kiss with his boyfriend.

This called for a picspam!  And a John Barrowman vidspam, which I posted earlier.

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PS: Yesterday JB tweated that he's working with Stan Lee on something for Marvel. Wonder what that's about?

Part 2
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The Director of Photography might complain about me nixing his mood lighting, but I doubt the fangirls will.


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A screencap from the BBC3 trailer, lightened for your viewing pleasure:

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The BBC releleased a promo pic this morning, then switched it with another.  Here's the first.

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TVZone did a Torchwood photo spread showing a new set and redecorated parts of the old set.  [profile] jbsnow kindly scanned them for the benefit of those of us outside the UK, and gave me permission to post them on lj.  Thank you, Snow!

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I've been asked to upload the James Marsters filming pics for Torchwood S2 01.


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